Friday, March 22, 2013

Recall on Liquivison Rechargable Batteries

Liquivision Recalls Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers

Further to three reported incidents (one battery “venting”, or violently releasing gas, and two batteries exploding on a charger), Liquivision is voluntarily recalling the following Xen, Xeo and Kaon dive computer accessories it distributes:
 - ICR 16340 rechargeable batteries (GREEN sleeve)
 - Power-Plus chargers, model M123A

Customers are asked to:
 - immediately stop using the products
 - remove any ICR 16340 batteries from the charger and place them in individual plastic bags to prevent them from short circuiting. Dispose of them in an appropriate battery disposal or recycling facility
 - dispose of the chargers at an appropriate electronics disposal or recycling facility
Customers SHOULD NOT ship these products back to the dealer, distributor or manufacturer, as they pose an explosion hazard.
Customers can file a claim online to receive a product replacement. A proof of purchase will be required.
More INFORMATION and the CLAIMS FORM can be found here:
Customers can continue diving their Xen, Xeo or Kaon dive computers using DISPOSABLE batteries:
 - ER14335M single-use batteries (WHITE wrapper with blue text) are compatible with computers that have a black battery holder.
 - ER17335M single-use batteries (BLUE wrapper) are compatible with computers that have a white battery holder.
You can see pictures of these battery types here:


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