Sunday, March 11, 2012

Liquivision XEO Computer

We recently dove the new Liquivision XEO computers and our first impressions are very positive. The customers service and attention to details have been outstanding. Our computers shipped very quickly as promised. Right out of the box without benefit of reading directions the XEO proved to be the easiest and most intuitive computer I have ever used. Within a few minutes I had run thru most of the options and had a good idea on how to set them.

I decided to do the right thing and read the instructions before continuing. I got a chuckle at the reference to the "1 beer learning curve". About the toughest part of getting started was a quick visit to the site to grab my pin number to activate all the functions.

After a couple simple no-stop dives here are my observations.
  • Gorgeous Display - It's a no brainer to say that the Full Color OLED display is sexy and makes for ridiculous visibility in all environments.
  • Tap Interface - Really works and is adjustable for use with gloves.
  • Gas Switches - I'm not sure it can get any easier than this. Whether using the automatic switch or the manual switches, it's a breeze to quickly and confidently switch to the gas you want and confirm it.
  • Gradient Factors - Easy to set and  research for those not comfortable with GF. Links to Gradient Factor theory is on the Liquivision website Baker, Eric C. "Understanding M-Values". Immersed.  Vol. 3, No. 3, Fall 1998.Baker, Eric C. "Clearing Up The Confusion About 'Deep Stops'" 

With our entire  tec team jumping on-board the XEO bandwagon we will post follow up tips and info after we get a chance to really give them a workout.

Stop by the shop and play with our 2 demo units both the X1 and the XEO. You will want to add these to your cool toys wish list.

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